Cutting Edge Medical Technology for cosmetic surgery

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The primary aim of plastic surgery is restoration of appearance and function. This include restoration after congenital abnormalities, traumatic defects breast surgery as well as malignancy. Many years ago, cosmetic surgery procedures involved making incisions in the body, jabbing liposuction tools in and out of fleshy area and inserting butt or breast implants to patients. Nowadays those days are over thanks to cutting edge technology that surgeons use to treat patient in cosmetic surgery. After all, why should a field that is supposed to make you look good cut you the most? Many patients go for plastic surgery because they want to improve their physical appearance to look good. In this Best Minimally Invasive Breast Implants New Yorkarticle, we are going to discuss some medical technology for cosmetic surgery that have really revolutionized the medical industry.

  1. Minimally invasive surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery that is conducted with an aid of a viewing scope and specially designed surgical instruments. The scope that this surgical procedure uses actually allows the surgeon to perform surgery through several tiny openings without the need of large incision. This means that this cosmetic surgery is less painful, less scarring and it also has it also has a fast recovery. Nowadays, plastic surgeons have variety of tools and techniques that makes cosmetic procedures such as eye lift, face lift and breast implants Manhattan NY safe and more affordable.

  1. Vectra 3-D imaging.

Vectra 3-D imaging has also revolutionized the cosmetic surgery industry. This new technique allow plastic surgeon to preview the end result of the surgical procedure before the actual surgery is performed. Under normal circumstance, surgeons usually show two dimensional photographs to their patients to show them what to expect after surgery is performed. However, this cutting edge technology analyses the patients skins thus creating a 3D dimension of his/her body. After the image is created, the surgeon can then apply the desired procedure. This cutting edge technology is commonly used for best breast implants New York and many other states have to offer patients. It enables surgeons to augment the shape size and even brand of implants.

  1. Cosmetic Surgery WomanTear trough filling.

The area around the eye usually show the first signs of aging. For decade, plastic surgeons have corrected this problem with a surgical procedure known as blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery. However the advance in technology in cosmetic surgery has led to the discovery of cutting edge procedure known as tear trough filling. Tear troughs are actually those little lunar shaped hollows in your lower eyelid that extend down to your eyelids. Several studies have revealed that tear troughs usually develop as we get older because the cheek usually fall down with time and the eyelid fat bulges out. To reverse this process of aging, fat is usually siphoned from the puffy part of the eyelid and replaced by filers. Filler can either be fat or restylane. Tear trough filing is a new surgical procedure that creates a nice and smoother lower eyelid to cheek junction. The best part of it is that it can be done even if the office under local anesthesia because it is a simple process with less pain and faster recovery time for patients.

New Technology That is Making Lives Safer

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The recent times have witnessed a proliferation in terrorist activities as well as many other dangers that threaten the safety of individuals, homes and property. That is bound to change in the future if the rapid technological changes are anything to go by. Below, find cutting-edge New technologytechnologies that are already making the world a safer place to live in.

  1. The Internet

The internet is a revolutionary entity that is responsible for the shrinking of the world into a global village as well as improving the safety and security of people by enhancing communication. There seems to be no limit to what the internet can do. At the moment, people use the internet creatively to relay information on outbreaks of violence, report abuses and seek help among many other uses. That is because many enforcement agencies are present online with ready staff to receive complaints and concerns.

Pressure groups can also use the internet to pile pressure on authorities and the government to act according to justice where it is clear that the authorities or the government are denying or delaying justice to a person or an entity. For example, where there is assault or murder or any gross crime and the government is reluctant to act, pressure groups can swing into action by raising awareness and petitioning the respective bodies to act according to the dictates of justice.

  1. Internet of Things

That is not all. Through what is popularly known as the internet of things, it is now possible for things to communicate information vide the internet. This is critical to security systems as it serves to enhance surveillance and hence safety. For instance, ShotSpotter, a United States of America company has devised innovative acoustic surveillance technology that is able to detect to detect gunfire, alert authorities and guide them to its location. This is so apt in an era where terrorism and mass shootings continue to threaten the safety and peace of people. It can be useful in a scenario where a terrorist or a psycho in a shooting spree corners a mass number of individuals and they are not able to call for help- the technology can then alert authorities of the gunfire and prompt them to respond appropriately.

  1. Facial Recognition Technology

A classic case of technology’s help in the identification and apprehension of the wreckers of peace is in Singapore. The Singapore government Face Recognitionis working with Accenture- a management and technology consultancy company- in the use of video analytics and facial recognition to stem the increase of crime. They use facial recognition technology on the streets to identify gangsters, criminals and suspects of a crime. The technology is so cutting-edge that it can detect movements and patterns to assess whether a crime is going on. From the findings of the technology’s assessment, it can generate an alert though nobody is monitoring the television feed at that instance. It is a technology that integrates different media to generate a message.

Mobile phones are not left behind as a technology that is keeping humans and property safer. With multifunctional gadgets, anything is possible. The mobile phones, especially the smartphones, feature GPS tracking systems. This can help families and authorities track a kidnapped person etc.

There are so many other technologies which are making the world safer. Think of biometric systems, fingerprint technology etc.

It would seem that with the presence of these technologies, police and their functions would become redundant. But that is not the case, the enforcement agencies are central to the deployment of these technologies. While a security camera can ‘see’ a thief breaking into a house, it cannot arrest him. That is where the police come in.